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sharkey-steve02mfSteven Sharkey

Baltimore City Department of General Services

Steven Sharkey began working for the City of Baltimore 12 years ago as intern in the CitiStat office, which uses data to improve city services. He was named assistant director of the office after four years and has risen through the city bureaucracy steadily ever since.

Since October of 2012, he has been director of the city’s Department of General Services, where he supervises 350 employees.

In his current job, Sharkey said his top accomplishment has been the team he has put together at DGS. Hiring the right people, he said, has increased cooperation and communication. “Because of this the agency has gotten better,” he said.

Sharkey is proud of a fleet internship program that gives city high school students training as auto mechanics; the three-year-old Day of Service, in which a team of workers spends a day repairing one city service (last year, some 40 people made improvements at Great Kids Farm, a working farm in Catonsville); and an ongoing campaign to reopen the front doors of police stations to make them more welcoming.

“The key to my success is that I love my work and I believe in the mission to make DGS and the city better,” said Sharkey, who holds a master’s in public policy from UMBC. “I get up in the morning and come to work because I know that the work matters each day, and that if I do a good job, Baltimore city will improve.”

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