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arbit-bullington-alexmf15Arbit Inc.

Alex Bullington quit his job as a certified public accountant in 2015 to start Arbit, an application that aggregates real-time consumer reaction to product services. That gamble is starting to pay off.

“We provide instant results to any question from a business, brand or person,” said Bullington, Arbit co-founder and CEO. “We are able to do this by tapping into a community of Arbit users who like to interact with athletes, celebrities, brands, and their friends through polling. Arbit, easy to use and engaging, has been gaining traction among avid social media users.”

Bullington said since a pilot of its revenue model in June, Arbit has at least three apparel brand clients in a beta test period with three goals: to receive instant results from product questions; receive aggregated data behind polls to detect trends in potential customers; and to increase sales through links Arbit emails to respondents.

Arbit has more than 100,000 users since its December 2016 beta launch, and four current and former NBA players have invested, said Bullington: Steve Blake, Anthony Tolliver, Caron Butler, and Ty Lawson.

With $100,000 from a Technology Development Corp. fund, Arbit’s future looks bright, Bullington said. “This is about growing our business in Maryland, supporting job growth, and putting Baltimore on the map with Arbit.”

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