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Bethany Meyer and Katie Egan created CourseArc, a cloud-based digital content authoring tool, after spending years trying to find a user-friendly solution that reflected the growing need for eLearning opportunities.

With Meyer’s background in programming and Egan’s in instructional design, the two launched their company in 2015 and released the product last year. The online course creation platform makes the formation of high-quality, engaging and interactive content easy and includes automatic updates instead of requiring updates, upgrades or newer versions.

“We wanted to empower the subject matter expert by offering a product that allowed them to be in the driver’s seat of their online course instead of relying on a chain of people including developers and designers to bring their course to life,” Egan said. “Essentially, removing technology as a barrier so the focus can be on the learner experience and creating high-quality content.”

Meyer feels incredibly proud of the tool they have built when she hears feedback. “We often hear from our users that they were reluctant to try a new tool but once they start using CourseArc, they are won over quickly. It’s exciting to enable people to create great content that they would have had to outsource.”

The two also are actively involved in How Girls Code — a program Egan co-founded in Howard County providing afterschool classes for elementary-aged girls on coding and technology careers.

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