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greenwade-lakisha-glam-techmf37Glam Tech – Lucki Fit LLC

LaKisha Greenwade wants Baltimore to be on the cutting edge of wearable technology innovations.

Greenwade, the founder and coach of Lucki Fit LLC — Glam Tech, organized the first Glam Tech Expo in 2016 to bring together the fashion and technology communities in hopes of sparking innovation among adults and children in Baltimore. Lucki Fit is Greenwade’s personal brand consulting business.

“The goal of the Glam Tech Expo was to create awareness about the potential of wearable technology and bring youth, fashion designers, makers, and techies together to create products,” she said. “We wanted to create a space for small businesses to compete in the industry while putting Baltimore on the map nationally as a center for innovation related to wearables. We achieved our goal by creating more discussion about and interest in wearables.”

The biggest hurdles Greenwade has faced are teaching people what wearable tech is and why its impact has gone beyond smart watches, she said.

Companies formed through Glam Tech collaboration will have access to business and executive coaching from Lucki Fit LLC, Greenwade said. “As a marketer, I see the potential to rebrand Baltimore, provide opportunities for economic enhancement, and drive interest in tech in a fun way.”

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