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goucher-terence-mccann-and-pres-jose-a-bowenGoucher College

Goucher College moved three dormitories built in the 1950s this summer to make way for new dorms and preserve the Froelicher Residence Hall – the Alcock, Gallagher, and Tuttle houses – for future generations.

The private liberal arts college in Towson said the move highlights the college’s commitment to environmental sustainability while preserving its past and saving money.

“Innovation underscores our approach to everything here at Goucher and moving Froelicher Hall is no exception,” said Goucher College President Jose Antonio Bowen. “It would have been hugely wasteful from an environmental, preservation, and financial perspective to demolish these buildings. This unique approach is a tremendous example of how we can address all three of those important issues while maintaining a cohesive living-learning environment for our students.”

The three buildings were moved about 500 feet across campus to new foundations, the college said. Each hall weighs more than 1,300 tons and is 37 feet wide, 102 feet long, and 35 feet tall. The move was estimated to cost $7.6 million, the college said.

The college will construct two new first-year residence halls for freshmen at the former Froelicher Residence Hall site, at a cost of about $23.5 million. The new halls will be part of a first-year student village with the recently completed Pagliaro Selz Hall.

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