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edwards-joshua-by-alison-tucker8Joshua A. Edwards

Fine Arts Instructor
Clear Spring High School
Washington County Public Schools

Clear Spring High School Fine Arts Instructor Joshua A. Edwards’ inspiration for applying for a Washington County Education Foundation grant was simple — to allow students greater access to their learning experience.

While the foundation annually hands out mini-grants to teachers for creative learning classroom initiatives, Edwards became the first maxi-grant winner last year for his idea to put AppleTVs in every CSH classroom allowing students and teachers to AirPlay their devices at a moment’s notice.

Edwards, a 13-year teaching veteran, was one of the educators recruited for Washington County Public Schools’ 1:1 Digital Learning Plan giving iPads to all students from third to 12th grade. Yet, he wanted to take the plan further with a 2.0 version by adding AppleTVs so information could be shared seamlessly, thereby increasing communication and saving time.

He developed the concept in his own classroom and tested it in several other school classrooms by working with teachers and students to trouble shoot logistics for implementation. The biggest obstacle was developing a means to take the HDMI connection and join it with VGA projectors along with audio capabilities.

Creating new routes for communication is not new for Edwards. He founded and served as the head of an Art Club at all three of the school’s he has taught at during his career.

For his continued efforts, Edwards was named a finalist in WCPS’s annual Teacher of the Year Award.

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