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barbour-karenlmf05-2Karen Pecora-Barbour

The Barbour Group, LLC

Small business and entrepreneurship drives innovation in America, but for Karen Pecora-Barbour, president of The Barbour Group, LLC in Westminster, small businesses as a group haven’t had a sufficient voice in Congress to help turn the tide of corporatism.

Pecora-Barbour wants to change that. After 11 years of research, she launched a new national political party, The National Small Business Party, to specifically address the needs of small businesses on a federal level.

“The platform is unique in that it brings to bear significant issues impacting the communities that support Main Street America and plans for positive change,” she said. The near-term goal of the party is to build a strong enough infrastructure to be able to effectively advocate for better fiscal policy and regulation for the small business community.

For example, Pecora-Barbour seeks more input into the data that determines business size standards under the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code. Classification under the code impacts corporate insurance plans, tax status and attractiveness to lenders.

While helping forge the National Small Business Party, Pecora-Barbour also successfully drafted and lobbied for several pieces of procurement legislation reform, including Maryland’s Subcontractor’s Equal Access to Bonding Act, and the State Procurement Change Order Fairness Act.

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