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white-brianmf11Northwest Hospital

Brian M. White

Before Northwest Hospital’s Liberty Center became the gateway to the hospital’s campus and a massive branding presence for LifeBridge Health on Liberty Road in February 2016, most residents in and around Randallstown accessed the grounds through the Emergency Department.

Now, more patients are treated through the ExpressCare location at the Liberty Center, which is easy to access and much less costly to patients and the health system, said Brian M. White, president of Northwest and executive vice president at LifeBridge Health.

And the goal of the project was not to simply grow the campus’ square footage and architectural imprint, but to better integrate the overall facilities into the surrounding community, he said. That’s been accomplished with the launch of a new magnate school in the fall of 2016—the Northwest Academy of Health Sciences, which prepares students for a career in the health or biomedical technology fields.

The hospital has also partnered with the Baltimore County government to launch a “Live Near Your Work” program to provide incentives to help LifeBridge employees to move to the neighborhood.

White also supports a wide variety of events and groups in and around the hospital, including neighborhood revitalization efforts, and cultural events like the Liberty Live family-friendly summer concert series at the Kings Point Square Shopping Center.

But White isn’t finished yet. He and his team are planning to develop new properties on Old Court Road that will be used as clinics to treat chronic diseases and provide services to focus on prevention, wellness and community support.

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