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Five years ago, Perineologic Founder and CEO Dr. Mathew Allaway decided to design a method and a medical device that would eliminate the complications associated with a prostate biopsy and improve the odds of detecting prostate cancer, which is historically missed in up to 25% of cases.

The PrecisionPoint™ Transperineal Access System is the first medical device approved by the FDA that allows a urologist to perform a free-handed transperineal prostate biopsy during a 10-minute office visit using local anesthesia. Prior to the PrecisionPoint™ Access System, the traditional approach for a prostate biopsy method required general anesthesia and a full operating room staff.

The new method and device also virtually eliminates complications due to infection. According to Allaway, sepsis is the most devastating complication of the current transrectal prostate biopsy. Because the new device does not violate the rectal wall, in the 1,500 biopsies performed using the new method, not a single case of infection or sepsis has been reported.

“The urologist can now focus all of their attention on the patient experience and improve the quality of the prostate biopsy sampling,” Allaway said.

Dr. Allaway believes that once medical providers see the PrecisionPoint™ Access System in action, the technology will be adapted to assist in the treatment of other pelvic disorders.

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