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the-lynx-school-team-grasmickmf03Team Grasmick – The LYNX School

The LYNX School, planned as a model American high school for the 21st century, opened in early September at Frederick High School. The LYNX (Linking Youth to New eXperiences) School is a nontraditional program that creates individual plans to help each student be successful.

Dr. Nancy Grasmick, Towson University’s first Presidential Scholar for Innovation in Teacher and Leader Preparation, is the leader of Team Grasmick, which developed the model using her staff and Frederick County Public Schools teachers and administrators.

“The LYNX School is founded on four principles: advocacy, flexible schedules, partnerships and innovative learning,” Grasmick said. “It is groundbreaking because, unlike other models that serve small populations of students, or are ‘theme-focused,’ LYNX takes a comprehensive public high school of over 1,200 students and creates a learning environment where every student, with the help of trained educators and business advocates, develops a personal plan for success based on that student’s unique talents and interests.”

The LYNX School will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. to allow student flexibility for courses and personal obligations, access to instructional assistance, and job shadowing and internships. The program defines success as developing graduates prepared to take college courses or that are on a career path that will pay a living wage.

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