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Sarah Hemminger on behalf of Thread
Co-founder & CEO

In an effort to engage academically underperforming high school students facing significant barriers outside of the classroom, Sarah and Ryan Hemminger founded the Baltimore-based non-profit, Thread, in 2004.

Through the Thread Community Model, students are assigned a family of committed volunteers and given additional access to community resources in order to foster their academic advancement and personal growth into a self-motivated, resilient and responsible citizen.

Intervention begins in ninth grade where students, who rank in the bottom 25 percent of their class and face hardships, are chosen for the program. Over the next 10 years the volunteers commit to serve as engines propelling the students forward and as safety nets to catch them if they stumble along their journey.

With more than 300 students and alumni, 87 percent involved in the program for five years have graduated high school, while 86 percent have gone on to complete 2- or 4-year college degrees or certificate programs. The nonprofit is aided through more than 850 volunteers and 350 collaborators.

“Once enrolled, Thread commits to never giving up on a single student, and our students consistently defy the odds,” said co-founder Sarah Hemminger.

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