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Rick Bueno

Annapolis-based Trivalent built its Trivalent Protect file-level data protection system after seeing an unmet need in the public sector to provide a data protection solution that meets government standards at a commercial price point.

Founded in 2014, the company has since earned several product certifications, including the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) which qualifies it to serve the defense industry and more.

In recent months, Trivalent launched an updated version of Trivalent Protect geared toward a variety of regulated industries keenly sensitive to data breaches involving personally identifiable information or personal health information. The update also includes a new application authorization feature, which detects deviations in users’ file access patterns and seeks to block potential ransomware virus attacks.

Trivalent also sees its file recovery and protection services as helpful in avoiding some of the damages caused by ransomware in sectors like critical infrastructure.

Rick Bueno, Trivalent’s president and CEO, says the company is now refining technology that will leverage encryption and new algorithms to bring security through a process called digital shredding.


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