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cool-veronicamf04Veronica Cool

There are over 600,000 Hispanics in Maryland, yet Veronica Cool, founder and Hispanic strategist with Cool & Associates, Inc., kept running into people asking how to better connect with this population.  These residents have different purchasing habits, language and decision making patterns with alternate-triggers, she said. And on the other hand, people within the Hispanic community were continually asking her how to better provide their services and reach out to the mainstream community.

Cool decided to create Hispanic Engagement, a process in which mainstream organizations, governments, nonprofits, educational institutions and businesses engage the Hispanic segment. Cool & Associates created a customized Hispanic Roadmap tailored to each organization and industry, and is intent on facilitating this connection between U.S. Hispanics.

The firm has developed a Hispanic Heritage Toolkit to support governments, nonprofits and other organizations to better leverage engagement with the Hispanic community. It’s also created the Latino Innovator’s Pitch, an entrepreneurial program to showcase the diversity of Hispanic businesses and provide guidance, access and a cash prize to selected winners.

Cool has also cofounded and directs the Alliance for Hispanic Commercial Contractors, a membership-based organization to provide technical assistance and training to this fast-growing community. She’s launched YoQuieroTrabajo as well—a Facebook group established for Hispanics seeking employment and career development.

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