The Thankful List, 2017 edition (Haven’t we done this before?)

jeremy-rachlin-revMuch like the television sitcom writers of the ’80s and ’90s who would resort to “clip shows” toward the end of the season when the writers were had exhausted all the laugh-track-inducing storylines, yours truly is resorting to a repeat of a tried-and-true blog topic.

Yes, in the same vein as my 2015 and 2016 blog posts detailing what I am thankful for (with a lawyerly bend), here is my 2017 list of what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

I’m thankful for…:

  • Those who helped remedy my first 10 hours at the MSBA Conference in June — which were trying, to say the least. I was the recipient of my first-ever speeding ticket in 21 years of driving, followed hours later by a completely dead car battery outside the Fenwick Crab House. Thanks to Senior Judge John Debelius (is anybody surprised he is helpful with cars?) and USAA Roadside Assistance for help with the latter. And thanks to the state trooper who did not appear in court and resulted in my still retaining a spotless driving record.
  • My colleagues of the executive committees of the Bar Association of Montgomery County and the Montgomery County Inn of Court. The work that we do is important and hard. The decisions that we make are sometimes difficult. The laughs in the room make it worthwhile.
  • The PDF-fillable forms made available by the court for download that streamline my practice. I am particularly thankful for the uniform subpoena available through MDEC, Register of Wills online forms, District Court of Maryland online forms, and District of Columbia Superior Court probate division online forms.
  • Maryland Land Records online, which I am constantly using for different and unpredicted areas of my practice. Many of us completely fail to realize how fortunate we are to have this robust and FREE online resource available to us. Trust me… other jurisdictions aren’t the same way.
  • The Dialpad VOIP phone system and the Dialpad app. In addition to an awesome number of other features that makes it easy to bring my workstation anywhere, I can send/receive outgoing and incoming client call and text messages from my office phone via my cellphone without giving my personal cellphone number out to clients.
  • MSBA and BAMC continuing legal education programs. It’s tireless work to plan the programming and even more difficult work for the speakers to prepare. Both organizations have gallantly and capably filled the giant hole left by MICPEL.
  • Waze. Waze, Waze, Waze. I could not survive my commute without you.
  • My clients. My referral sources. You continue to keep the lights on. There would be no blog posts (or practice) without you
  • My editors. Thanks for posting my stuff, even through the hate edits. (Editor’s note: It’s all a labor of love.)
  • Finally, I’m thankful for my readers, all 16 of you. But seriously, I know you are out there (web-tracking analytics is a wonderful thing), and special thanks to those of you who have been kind enough to email me or stop me at bar events and give feedback. It’s reassuring to know I’m not shouting into a vacuum.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers. I wish you all a thankful and joyous season of bounty.

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