Staying active, for a good cause

Sarah David

Sarah David

Before I had my son, I was an avid morning exerciser. I would wake up at 5:15 a.m for a 6 a.m. spin class or to lift weights or run. Perhaps from continuing this habit while pregnant, my seven-month-old wakes up religiously at 5 a.m. and, by the time I feed him, get him dressed and entertain him it is already time to head to daycare.

Even waking up as early as I do, it is a challenge to get to work on time — much less to squeeze in time to exercise. Still, a lot of lawyers I know are active, if only because it is a great and healthy way to relieve a lot of the stress that comes with so many legal jobs. That’s why Athletes Serving Athletes presents a great opportunity to get involved and get fit at the same time.

ASA empowers individuals living with disabilities to train and participate in mainstream running and triathlon events. It’s based in Baltimore County but conducts races all over Maryland and Pennsylvania. ASA currently focuses on individuals living with very limited-to-no mobility, known as ASA Athletes. ASA pairs these athletes with able-bodied runners who are called “WingMen” but who are male and female, young and old, fast and slow.

Melissa Goldmeier, a lawyer practicing in Howard County (and a mom-to-be of twins!) has been volunteering with ASA for years. Melissa got involved with the program when another female attorney at the law firm where she used to work told her about the organization. She was immediately was drawn to both the mission and physical challenge and signed up for her first “training run.” She was quickly hooked, running her first race in 2015 and continuing to run today. Melissa is now a member of ASA’s board of directors and gets to help shape the growth of the program.

“One of my favorite parts about ASA is the complete lack of ego among the runners – we truly accept all ages, paces, and abilities,” she Melissa says.

The group, I will add, is also just plain fun. You can join them for a group training run in Patterson Park in Baltimore and then have dinner at Mission BBQ.

To learn about their running schedule or to sign up to get involved visit www.ASA.run.

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