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delaney-camilemf01Camille Delaney-McNeil

Senior Site Manager
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra OrchKids Program

Exposing inner city youth to the arts, particularly music, is one way that Camille Delaney-McNeil hopes to inspire change in the Baltimore community. As the senior site manager for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s OrchKids program, Delaney-McNeil oversees the year-round music program serving over 1,000 students from Pre-K through 11th grade in Baltimore City.

She believes that through music, she has been able to help young people.

“They are the most vulnerable among us, but deserve the best that we can give so that they can continue the work of bettering our communities,” she says.

Her commitment has not gone unnoticed.

“I watch her inspire students to be their best and strive for what might seem impossible on a daily basis. Many of our OrchKids students face daunting challenges daily. Camille is the person who helps them get through and inspires them to go far beyond the expectations the world has for them,” says Raquel Whiting Gilmer, executive director of the Orchkids program.

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