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kautz-larysa12mfLarysa M. Kautz

Chief of Staff & General Counsel

As the first in-house counsel at Melwood, a nonprofit organization that provides employment, job training, life skill improvement, and supportive and recreational services for people with differing abilities, Larysa Kautz was promoted to chief of staff.

“My life has been indelibly shaped by being a child of immigrants, a woman, a lawyer, a wife and a mother,” Kautz says. “I was blessed with the opportunity to realize my dreams through education, scholarships, government aid, and loans. I benefited from the altruism and compassion of others. It takes more than hard work to be successful — it takes luck, a strong community and a compassionate government. I want to help empower and advocate for people with disabilities so that they can have a voice to unlock possibilities, choices and potential.”

Kautz is director and founder of Washington Metro DachtoberFest Foundation, director and treasurer for Lawyers for Good Government, director and parliamentarian for Groveton Civic Association, and a representative for Lee District Association of Civic Organizations.

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