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meltzer-neilmf08Neil Meltzer

President & CEO
LifeBridge Health

Neil Meltzer has been leading the drive to better serve the health needs of residents of northwest Baltimore since being named president and CEO of LifeBridge Health on July 1, 2013.

Building community relationships are essential to Meltzer. The former LifeBridge Health Commercial Division, now LifeBridge Health Partners, teams up with quality partners in the community for medical services, Meltzer says. Its partners include ExpressCare Urgent Care Centers, National Respiratory Care LLC, Pulse Medical Transportation, and LifeBridge Health and Fitness.

“The partners bring new patients and clients into the system while carrying the LifeBridge Health brand into new geographic and product areas,” Meltzer says. “The revenue they generate supports hospital operations, which allows LifeBridge Health to keep – and add – jobs.”

The leadership team is constantly assessing consumer demand and the changing nature of the health care industry, Meltzer says. “This has helped us to be more forward-thinking than many competitors and has spurred programs that reflect an entire continuum of care reaching far beyond our hospitals’ walls.”

Meltzer has also taken a lead role in establishing different community partnerships, including a task force that identifies solutions to health-care inequalities, a Diversity Council to ensure LifeBridge’s workforce reflects the communities it serves, and a platform for employees to help with community service projects.

With LifeBridge’s more than 10,000 employees, Meltzer says, he stresses adaptability with his leaders. “It is vital to stay abreast of changes in the health care industry as well as your area of expertise,” he says. “You have to push yourself to broaden your mind and accommodate new points of view.”

He also values the opinions of his employees. “I want to hear what they like best about the organization, what we could be doing better, and what they would do if they were in charge.”

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