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Hogan seeks to spend $461M to relieve Baltimore area highway congestion

Gov. Larry Hogan speaks as Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn listens on Tuesday. (The Daily Record / Bryan P. Sears)

Gov. Larry Hogan speaks as Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn listens on Tuesday. (The Daily Record / Bryan P. Sears)

Money in the state’s transportation trust fund hasn’t always been used for road projects and other related work, prompting support for the ‘lockbox’ amendment. (The Daily Record/Maximilian Franz)

Gov. Larry Hogan said Tuesday he wants to spend $461 million to relieve traffic congestion on Baltimore area highways. (File Photo/Maximilian Franz)

HANOVER — Gov. Larry Hogan Tuesday announced $461 million in transportation projects he said are aimed at reducing congestion in the Baltimore metropolitan area.

Included in the proposal were the addition of new lanes to about 19 miles of Interstate 695 and the extension of a toll lane on Interstate 95 from Route 43 near White Marsh to Route 24 at Bel Air in Harford County.

“The important traffic relief initiatives we are announcing today will benefit the daily lives of millions of drivers throughout the Baltimore region,” said Hogan.

More than 1 million vehicles travel a portion of the Baltimore Beltway on any given weekday. More than 40 percent of those vehicles use the highway during a morning or evening rush hour commute, according to the Maryland Department of Transportation.

Hogan plans to spend more than $150 million on relieving congestion on the beltway by adding an additional lane to the inner and outer loops from Interstate 70 to Route 43. The state will also use adaptive ramp metering technology, which uses traffic lights or other traffic control devices to control the flow of cars entering the highway.

Transportation Secretary Pete K. Rahn said the state could add the additional lanes as soon as the end of 2018.

The state also plans to reconfigure the “triple bridge exchanges” on the Beltway at I-70. The governor said the reconfiguration will “address six of the top 15 congested road segments” in Maryland. That project is expected to cost about $100 million.

The final component of the plan announced Tuesday calls for a nearly eight-mile extension of existing toll lanes on I-95 from White Marsh to Bel Air — a notorious choke point on the commute to Harford County. The cost of the extension is expected be about $210 million.


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