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adpI will admit I have a small obsession with Hallmark Christmas movies. My husband would say it’s an abnormally large obsession. Our DVR would likely support his argument.

Let’s be honest: Our work is drama-filled and all-consuming of brainpower. I don’t need more drama when I get home. Hence the idea of popcorn TV, a simple show with a simple plot that takes little brain power. Hallmark is perfect for this — and now they have two channels! (Soon to be three in January!)

When I first started my obsession last year, I noticed an unusual number of Hallmark movies had lawyers as characters. What really caught my attention was they were always talking about the “Smith deposition.” Is that what I sound like? Do others believe this is what I sound like? Is this what others think my work days are like? YIKES.

I chuckled and thought one of the writers must have had a dream of being a lawyer and never did. Only someone who dreams of being a lawyer would have such a positive spin and a belief that lawyers have lots of time on their hands.

The movie “The Mistletoe Promise” is the quintessential Hallmark lawyer movie. It has everything you would expect from a Hallmark lawyer. A family law attorney who wants to help people have good divorces and hates Christmas meets a woman who also hates Christmas while they are being harassed by carolers at the mall food court where they both have lunch every day.

To help each other through the tough holidays they enter into a “contract,” but “contract” was too strong a word so they went with promise. Hence the title “Mistletoe Promise,” that they would, of course, pretend to be a couple for the holidays to help her get back at her ex and for him to help secure partnership. (He is up for partner but needs to show that he on his way to family life because all of the partners have wives and kids. This is a whole other issue for another blog.)

They sit down, negotiate the details of how often they will be together and enter into a written agreement. The “contract” appears to be at least 10 pages. (Hahahaha.) Naturally, they start falling for each other through the course of attending various holidays events. Their love is finally realized when his firm flies them to New York days before Christmas for a fancy party and the announcement of new partners.

First, whose firm does that? Second, how does he have time to go to all of these events, handle the Smith deposition, and eat lunch the mall every day?

It’s really quite comical how TV portrays lawyers. My favorite show of all time, though, is “Boston Legal.” I will always love James Spader and William Shatner as lawyers in an insane show.

The crazier the legal show the better because real life is not nearly that entertaining.

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  1. rethomas@lexingtonmarket.com

    You are clearly not alone with the “Hallmark obsession”; my wife SCHEDULES the “Countdown to Christmas”. Even though we see people that resemble us mostly as sidekicks and extras, the predictable plot is still somewhat addictive. I was a Boston Legal fan, too. The clear takeaway is to suspend critical thinking so that relaxation can really take hold. I am right there with you.

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