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Sam’s Club closes Owings Mills location

On the same day that it announced bonuses and wage hikes, Walmart said it had to close some of its Sam's Clubs, including one in Owings Mill, for economic reasons. (File photo)

On the same day that it announced bonuses and wage hikes, Walmart said it had to close some of its Sam’s Clubs, including one in Owings Mills, for economic reasons. (File photo)

Sam’s Club closed its location in Owings Mills on Thursday that employed 169 people.

The closure of the store at 9750 Reisterstown Road was one of several stores across the nation the company abruptly closed. In an emailed statement a spokeswoman for Sam’s Club said the decision to close the store was due to a number of factors, including financial performance.

“Our hope is that many associates at the club will choose to stay with the company via transfer and we’ll begin working to make that happen,” Amy Wyatt-Moore, a communication manager with the company, wrote in an email.

She said hourly employees will be compensated for the next 60 days as they attempt to find positions at other locations and Walmart stores. If employees are unable to find jobs within the company they will be provided severance.

Sam’s Club closed the Owings Mills location and several other stores across the nation on the same day its parent company, Walmart, announced it was raising starting wages and providing a one-time bonus to employees. The company said the bumps in pay were a way for it to share in the tax savings from federal tax reform championed by President Donald Trump and Republican members of Congress.

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, who is running for the Democratic Party’s gubernatorial nomination, issued a statement criticizing  the president and the tax reform plan, which drastically reduces corporate taxes.

“Donald Trump promised us that giving hundreds of billions in tax cuts to big businesses would grow the economy. He lied again. I am reaching out to Walmart this morning to make sure they live up to their responsibilities to assist employees at Sam’s Club who have worked hard to benefit the company,” Kamenetz said in  a statement. “The county will also provide assistance in securing jobs for these hard-working people to keep them from the unemployment line.”

Brick-and-mortar retailers have struggled in recent years trying to compete with e-commerce behemoths such as Amazon. The Owings Mills Sam’s Club also faced more local competition in the form of the $108 million Mill Station — the site of the former Owings Mills Mall — anchored by Costco.


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