Are you a member?

Evan Koslow

Evan Koslow

Have you noticed that many organizations and stores are moving to a membership model? You can be an Amazon Prime member, a Costco member, an ABA member, an Avvo member… there are just too many to name. I hope that when you consider all of these memberships, you think: How do they benefit you as an attorney? How do you prioritize and get the most out of these memberships?

Ever since I opened my solo practice almost four years ago, I receive a steady stream of membership invitations. It’s an ongoing process for me to figure out which groups are worthy and which are just looking for money. This is another one of those areas that we do not learn about in law school.

Sometimes it’s a networking group asking me to join with the promise of a certain number of viable client needs.

No thanks.

Sometimes it’s an organization I’ve never heard of that claims to select the top attorneys in my field, and they want to give me an award but only if I pay them for the recognition.

Maybe. Do your research.

One that most of us can probably relate to is the Super Lawyer recognition from Thompson Reuters. What does that mean? If you are paying for this title, did you still earn it?

Whether you decide to be a member, to pay for a plaque, to add a distinction to your website or profile, I urge you to make use of your membership through hard work, dedication and strong ethical standards. These are what helped you through law school and will continue to help you in your career.

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