A lawyer buys a house

adpWhat an exciting and terrifying experience it is to buy a house. People tell you that, but until you live through it, you just don’t understand. The chaos of the last week has been surreal.

We have been looking but assumed that because we are picky people, it would take a while to find a house. Enter fate, signs from the universe, etc.

Husband saw the house on a Wednesday. If he didn’t have a wife, he would have bought it that day. Like most people, but unlike my bartender husband, I work during the day. So now what? I ask everyone I know a million questions about buying a house. One friend said that his wife went and did the financials on her own. Score!

Husband, you’re up, go get the pre-qualification letter from the bank. This was Friday, I have still not seen the house. Cautiously optimistic, I go to the house on Saturday. Husband was right, I love it.

But Dad needs to see it since he is, after all, the best contractor I know. Our amazing real estate agent gets me back in Sunday with Dad. Our offer was in by Monday, ratified by Tuesday and the mortgage locked Thursday. And that’s how quickly I committed to spending more money than I can ever imagine and staying in one place for more than a year.

On top of all of that is the fear in the back of my mind that the deal might fall through at any given moment for a number of reasons. Here’s hoping we accurately read the signs from the universe and signed in all the right places.

I have performed more legal work for myself in the last week than I have since becoming a lawyer. Despite being familiar with the standard Maryland Residential Real Estate Contract, I read almost every word of the contract. It took me over an hour.

“This is all you, lawyer,” Husband says.

No pressure!

Not to mention the vast array of documents and ancillary contracts that get signed. This is literally what I do every day and it was still overwhelming to me. It’s my name on that document and my obligation to pay. I can’t imagine being a lay homebuyer. I would have had to hire a lawyer just to get through the first page.

That’s why I now have a greater appreciation for my clients who are in similar shoes, reading a foreign language that totally impacts your life without fully understanding it and praying that it all works out. Thankfully, they have reached out to someone who can help guide them, like I did with every friend I have encountered in the last week who has purchased a house.

The moral of the story, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Post your funny home buying stories below. I would love to hear them (and/or be prepared for the worst).

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  1. At the time it wasn’t funny, but I can laugh about it now. I was renting a home from a company who was buying up properties and revitalizing them in my city. The owner of the business is very invested in improving our area. I knew him because he had (before my time) been an attorney at the law firm where I worked right out of law school. I ended up selecting a dilapidated row home not even a block from where I was renting. We negotiated the sale contract to include a scope of work with all of the necessary renovations (like walls, plumbing, electricity, non-rotted floors). I would not close until all of the renovations were completed. It was fun because I got to help design the floor plan, pick out paint, flooring, finishes, appliances, vanities, etc. At the time, I owned a traditional top load washer and front load dryer. They didn’t fit in the laundry closet of the home I was renting (yay, old houses)! I told the seller/contractors that I wouldn’t close on the house unless my W/D fit into a closet where I could close the doors. We literally designed the second floor of the house around the laundry closet! Two weeks before I was supposed to close, they tried to put them in. THEY DIDN’T FIT! Someone measured wrong. I asked them how they were going to fix it. The seller said they would keep my machines and buy me new (smaller) ones. Off to Lowe’s we went with a tape measure. Lowe’s delivers them and I get a call from my contractor. They don’t fit either!!! Now what? Rip down the walls and start over? NOPE. Figure something else out guys. I get a text from my contractor a day or two later, “Hope you enjoy your new laundry closet!” New? Oh dear. I went in the house that evening and saw the doors to the closet shut – a good sign. I opened it up and there were my new W/D. In the closet. Sideways, so the doors of the machines pointed to the side of the closet. Stacked, because there was no other way to get them to fit. Those machines are never leaving that house and you have to be a small person to do the laundry, but they clean and dry my clothes!! Ahh, the American Dream!

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