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Cost of rebuilding Baltimore bridge to exceed $100M

Baltimore City Hall

Baltimore City Hall (The Daily Record/Lauren Rock)

Baltimore transportation officials say the rebuild of Hanover Street Bridge set to begin next year will cost more than $100 million.

But The Baltimore Sun reports City Council members say the bridge’s poor condition prompts immediate action, “regardless of estimated cost or existing priority.” City Councilmen Ed Reisinger and Eric Costello penned a letter to Transportation director Michelle Pourciau last week detailing their “grave concerns” over the bridge’s condition, such as the holes dotting its length.

Baltimore Department of Transportation spokeswoman Adrienne Barnes said Tuesday that major work on the bridge is a top priority, citing an expected cost “well in excess” of $100 million.

She says repair of the bridge’s deck and draw span will start next spring. But Costello says the bridge is a public hazard as is.