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Baltimore lawyer’s newsletter offers marketing advice to plaintiffs’ lawyers

06.02.2011 BALTIMORE, MD- Steven H. Heisler, and his "Injury Law Mobile", a Ford Expedition that he had wrapped with advertising for his Law Firm. (The Daily Record/Maximilian Franz).

Steven H. Heisler, and his “Injury Law Mobile”, a Ford Expedition he had wrapped with advertising for his law firm. (File photo).

Plaintiffs’ attorney Steven H. Heisler is not shy about marketing his law practice. He used to have an SUV with with a giant advertisement for his firm, after all.

Recognizing that many plaintiffs’ attorneys may not know how to market their legal services, Heisler last month started a website,, and a weekly newsletter to share information about marketing, getting clients and other ways to have a profitable law business.

“I’ve always had a passion for marketing and I want to share my 30 years of marketing knowledge with other attorneys around the country who are plaintiffs’ lawyers,” Heisler said.

The email newsletter is free and takes between five and seven minutes to read, Heisler said.

The articles are written by Heisler and a group of “legal entrepreneurs,” people who have written books on marketing in the legal profession and have their own websites on the subject, he said.

Through his work, Heisler wants attorneys to see marketing as a positive thing, something essential to being a successful solo practitioner.

“The law business is a business, it’s no different than a medical practice or a restaurant business, you have to make a profit to keep the lights on,” he said. “It’s an unwritten or not often talked about rule that you should be focusing on taking care of the client. But again, everything is assuming you can get clients.”

The newsletter has about 150 subscribers so far but Heisler hopes to have several thousand in the coming months.

Attorneys can subscribe to the newsletter here.

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