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Jorge Castillo

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castillo-jorge04mfJorge Castillo

Founder and CEO
Onward Estrategias
Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Jorge Castillo is an analytic, results-oriented marketer and entrepreneur who tackles strategy and organizational issues from a global perspective.

Founder and CEO of ¡Onward! Estrategias, Castillo works with companies wishing to penetrate or stand out in the Hispanic market to improve their entire business cycle, from employee development and innovation, internal processes and communications to marketing and sales. The firm also helps Hispanic companies grow into the non-Hispanic market.

A few years ago, he helped found and was managing partner and chief strategy officer with Rowdy Orbit Impact in Baltimore. The firm collaborates and partners with private, public and non-profit organizations to enhance workforce development.

A poignant moment in his career came when, after six years at a particular job, he resigned because of the disrespect the CEO paid toward employees and other colleagues. “One should never be afraid of standing up for what is right, standing up against disrespect, standing up against unethical or illegal behaviors,” he says.

Since 2016, Castillo has also been the chairman of the Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. That year, the chamber grew its membership by 75 percent and significantly increased its total and net income, he says. Castillo has been a board member of the organization since 2011.

Last year, the Baltimore Ravens selected him as the recipient of the 2017 NFL Hispanic Heritage Leadership Award for his work as a local leader in the community.

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