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Gary Goldstein

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goldstein-dr-gary-1Gary Goldstein

President and CEO
Kennedy Krieger Institute

Dr. Gary Goldstein has overseen Kennedy Krieger Institute’s internationally recognized organization for more than 30 years as president and CEO.

The institute conducts research and education to help children and young adults with developmental disabilities, as well as disorders of the brain, spinal cord and musculoskeletal system, and autism.

Goldstein, a trained child neurologist, serves as chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee for the Autism Speaks organization. His work and expertise is often cited in media and medical journals as ongoing research continues on the developmental disorder. Goldstein is also a professor of neurology and pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University and has joined forces with other researchers and professors to help find more answers for the mysterious brain disorder that affects one in every 88 children.

Getting to the cause, or causes, of autism, he says, is difficult because there are no clear pathology or diagnostic tests. But finding new ways to observe and test for autism will continue to be a focus.

“I’m grateful that in honoring me as one of Maryland’s Most Influential People, The Daily Record is also shining a light on Kennedy Krieger Institute. The institute influences the lives of more than 24,000 children, students and families each year. I’ve been honored to lead this innovative organization for 30 years and am humbled to receive recognition for what has truly been a team effort to help children from across Maryland and around the world, who face complex neurological disorders and injuries,” Goldstein says.

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