Ann Darrin

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darrin-ann1Ann Darrin

Managing Executive
Space Exploration Center at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab

Ann Darin holds a key leadership role at the Space Exploration Center at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, which has led some of NASA’s most innovative and challenging missions. All told, APL has designed and built 69 spacecraft and more than 150 specialized instruments that have visited every planet in our solar system and furthered our understanding of the universe.

Darin, an aerospace and systems engineering expert, has overseen several technological firsts – such as an ultra-miniaturized spacecraft for sustained, long-term operations. She also has authored dozens of papers and edited several books, and she helped establish a flourishing internship program with NASA that hosts more than 40 students annually.

“Aerospace is one of Maryland’s many strengths and I am thrilled to be a member of this vibrant environment that plays such important roles in the global community,” she says. “Maryland is a leader in aerospace, being fourth in the nation of most employed aerospace engineers and home to 16 of the 25 largest aerospace companies and not-for-profits such as Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and University of Maryland, along with hosting NOAA and NASA facilities.”

Before joining the Johns Hopkins APL, Darrin was an aerospace engineer at NASA Goddard Space Center and a division chief for Assurance Technologies. She is a member of the Maryland Space Business Roundtable Board of Directors. She has a bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University and a master’s degree from University of Maryland, University College.

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