Tech Tip: Christine Barnabic


Christine Barnabic

Christine Barnabic

Christine Barnabic, MS

Education Program Management Specialist

Center for Integrative Medicine

University of Maryland School of Medicine


Growing up with a tech-savvy father afforded me early exposure to what is available to help implement my ideas and speed them into fruition. In my current role and in past positions, I have utilized Google’s Platform of office tools.

The two tools I use the most are Sheets and Forms. My daily functionality has increased as a result, and it shows by the effectiveness to organize, manage and run the programs Google provides. I use Sheets as a scheduler and tracker for trainings. The tab sheets, like Microsoft Excel, allows for areas of operation to be differentiated but also brought together with formulas on summary tab sheets.

Sheets has templates you can use, like the calendar template, which is helpful with yearly planning or you can create your own and tailor it to your needs. Google Forms, which links to Sheets, has been very helpful in gathering information from people. I use my Work Hours Form for contractors to submit their hours. This automatically generates individual rows on a spreadsheet, resulting in an easy way to collect and utilize the information for simple billing. Even the invoice generation is automatically done (via formulas) in another tab of the same spreadsheet.

Forms are also a great tool to send out surveys and gather feedback as I do with our students. All data entered in the form is captured on the linked spreadsheet, which then can be utilized as needed.  Google Drive is generally free with a Google account, and the documents can be shared. Since it is web-based and stored in the Google cloud, you can access it from multiple computers.

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