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Criminal procedure — Motion to suppress evidence — Food stamps

Keisha Harris, appellant, was convicted by a jury in the Circuit Court for Cecil County of first degree child abuse, second degree child abuse, rendering a child in need of assistance, and two counts of neglect of a minor, relating to her children A.H. and N.H. The circuit court imposed a sentence of five years’ imprisonment, all but 18 months suspended, for the conviction of first degree child abuse of N.H., to be followed by three years of supervised probation. The court imposed a consecutive 18 month sentence for the conviction of neglect of A.H. The remaining convictions were merged for sentencing purposes.

On appeal, appellant presents the following questions for this Court’s review, which we have rephrased slightly, as follows: 1. Did the trial court err in admitting evidence that appellant received food stamps and other state support? 2. Did the trial court err in denying the motion for acquittal as to child neglect of appellant’s son because the prosecution presented insufficient evidence as a matter of law to convince a reasonable trier of fact that appellant intentionally failed to provide for her son, A.H.?

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