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Going to lie to a judge? Don’t post about it on Instagram.

A New York lawyer is facing a $10,000 sanction after a federal magistrate judge found the lawyer lied about being out of the country for a family emergency.

What tipped off the judge? The lawyer’s own Instagram account.

Lawyer Lina Franco told the judge that she missed a filing deadline in a wage-and-hour lawsuit because of a family emergency in Mexico City; she even had a flight itinerary that she thought corroborated her story.

Then opposing counsel pointed out the square-shaped hole in her story.

Instagram photos from Franco’s public account showed that she was actually in New York and Miami during the time she claimed she was abroad. She also got a date wrong in the itinerary, according to the ABA Journal and other outlets.

Franco later changed her reasoning and told the court that she went to Mexico City earlier in the month for her mother’s health and it sent her “into a tailspin,” causing her to miss the filing deadline and to submit the itinerary.

Remember: If you’re crafting a lie, keep it off the internet.


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