Margret A. Mead

Margret A. Mead

Margaret A. Mead
Margaret A. Mead

Margret A. Mead

Managing Partner
Mead Law P.A.

Margret Mead is one of the most formidable and respected criminal defense attorneys in Maryland. While she leads a dynamic team of criminal attorneys in her successful practice, Mead is also an active member of the legal community and the community at large. She is active with the Bar Association of Baltimore City (BABC), has served as Chair of the Criminal Law Committee, on the Bench-Bar Committed for the BABC, and the Judicial Nominating Commission for both the BABC and the Baltimore County Bar Association.

Mead has been a member of the Board of Directors for the Office of the Public Defender since 2007.

“My achievements as a woman criminal defense attorney have been beneficial while serving on the Maryland State Board of Law Examiners Character Committee interviewing applicants,” said Mead.

Mead said the major reason applicants are required to have a hearing about their bar application is due to past criminal issues. Meade has also mentored many lawyers desiring to enter private practice. Based on her success, she wants “those starting out not to make mistakes and benefit from what I have figured out along the way. No need to reinvent the wheel, as they say.”

Mead was instrumental in presenting programs to the BABC, ranging from blood spatter analysis to the inner workings of the parole system. She served on the city’s bench bar committee, which focuses on improving the relationships and communications between judges and members of the bar. Last year she was appointed to the Baltimore County Judicial Nominating Commission, which reviews, investigates and interviews judicial candidates.

Among her honors, she said she is most proud to receive the Margaret Brent-Juanita Mitchell Award in 2011 from the Bar Association for Baltimore City and the Super Lawyer’s award she’s won continuously since 2007 from Baltimore magazine.

She has been a trustee of the Office of Public Defender since 2007 and a fellow of the Fellows of the Baltimore Foundation, 2010

This is a winner profile from The Daily Record's 2018 Leadership in Law awards. Information for this profile was sourced from the honoree's application for the award.


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