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Marketing: It’s all about spreading those seeds!

Richard Adams

Richard Adams

As we are about to start summer (Happy Memorial Day!), I wanted to touch on marketing in general. Treat marketing as if you are gardening – you’ve got to spread your seeds, water and nurture them and eventually, over time, they will hopefully bloom into something beautiful!

Spreading your seeds takes on many different forms: going out into the community; networking; making new friends; attending a seminar or CLE and so on. Some of these activities may take years to bloom into something. Some may never blossom. That shouldn’t stop you from putting yourself out there, however. Start small, such as with your current circle of friends or family. Join a business networking group and offer to bring something new to the table. The options are limitless.

Your current and former clients are the perfect example of this and are often overlooked as referral sources. These are sources who have actually received a benefit from your legal expertise and can now actually sing your praises to their network of colleagues, friends and family. Try to engage this group and not by simply mailing post card. Interact with them, invite them to events and help connect them
to other people, too. It’s a win-win.

Speaking of which, serving as a resource and a connector to people has so far been the most rewarding and satisfying part of marketing for me. Often, I will meet someone new and when they are discussing a problem or issue, I can identify someone I know that could possibly assist them. I take the time to make the introduction and soon enough, both of them are happy with me.

This “good karma” can come back to you in many ways – if nothing else, you’ll have made some friends. It also allows you to establish depth and rapport over time with your connections. For the most part, clients and referral sources are based on relationships, after all!

Do any of our readers have any marketing tips they would like to share?

Richard Adams is an associate with Rosenberg Martin Greenberg LLP in Baltimore.