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Retiring… sort of

Divya Potdar

Divya Potdar

This is my last regular blog post for Generation J.D.

On May 30, the Bar Association of Baltimore City held its 138th Annual Meeting. Officers of the BABC, Young Lawyers’ Division and Baltimore Bar Foundation were officially inducted into new roles. Several esteemed lawyers and judges were also honored, and the prestigious Bar Foundation Fellows Award was given to retired Professor Byron Warnken, also known as “Mr. U.B.”

(Sidebar: I took Warnken’s class on constitutional criminal procedure in law school. He was one of the first people in the legal world that mistakenly called me “Diva.” Fast-forward eight years, I’d been mistaken for that name so much I decided to start a law firm by that name. It also was better than naming my firm after what my torts professor erroneously called me: “Ms. Pottydar.”)

Last week, I was given the official title as chair of the Young Lawyers Division of BABC. In addition to all the responsibilities that come with this high-paying job, I will be writing about the YLD’s monthly events in the City Bar Report published in The Daily Record. So stay tuned for all the great educational and social programming that will be brought to you by the hard working council of the YLD!

Given this new role and my other two part-time jobs on the MSBA YLS Council and the Board of Governors for the Maryland Association of Justice, I must retire from Generation J.D., so I have at least some time to devote to my clients who actually pay me.

I’ve immensely enjoyed my time as a blogger for Generation J.D. My first blog post was published in September 2014. Since then I’ve shared several milestones with readers, including the purchase of my first home, starting my own firm and several trips around the world.

I’ve enjoyed sharing the ups-and-downs of the practice of law, giving networking advice and providing my unsolicited opinions on various legal issues and current events. I appreciated getting to know fellow bloggers at the MSBA YLS happy hours at the Annual Meeting in Ocean City (this year’s will be held next week!). And over the past few months I’ve been delighted to introduce fellow young lawyer entrepreneurs in the “Solo Spotlight” series.

I’ve loved the relationship I have been able to form with various people at TDR. To think this all started at the gym when I met two TDR employees in spin class 4 years ago! Little did I know locker-room talk would lead to me writing 64 articles to share with the world. Thanks for reading!