The importance of self-care and family

Richard Adams

Richard Adams

I wanted to tie in a different perspective from my last post – that of marketing and engaging the community around you, which may ultimately lead to building a law practice. It’s also important to make time for self-care, reflection and quality time with friends and family. Often, of course, fun with friends is also marketing and networking. I’ve made some great friends doing just that by getting involved in the Bar Association of Baltimore City and the Baltimore County Bar Association. But it’s also important to step back and remember that we are only human.

I found out recently my father is suffering from an end-stage condition. We weren’t sure how much time he had left but it seemed like there would always be another day. That changed this week, when he suffered several seizures and we were sure he was going to leave us. In response to this, my family mobilized and gathered together and reconnected. Some of them had been estranged for decades over old family feuds or disagreements that had long been forgotten.

My father pulled through and now should be able to receive some treatments that may help give him some additional time with us. The whole experience has been cathartic to our entire family, with everyone reestablishing relationships and scheduling events together. It’s amazing how looking death in the face can remind us of our mortality – and that our time here is finite.

So, use this as a reminder to spend more quality time with those you love. Remember WHY you became an attorney – whether it was to support your family or to dive deep into your personal passions and advocate for vulnerable populations. Maybe it’s better to skip the networking happy hour every once in a while and go home and take your kids out instead.

Finally, I want to talk about self-care. I think it’s critical for us to unplug from our devices and computers and just do something fun and unrelated to the practice of law. I think we get so caught up in the practice of law, building our business and image and networking that we lose ourselves in the process. By taking care of yourself, you provide a strong foundation to continued success in all that you seek to achieve. But it must start with you!

Speaking of which, hopefully I’ll see many people unplugged at the Maryland State Bar Association’s annual meeting in Ocean City! Come out and meet many of the writers of this blog at the Young Lawyers’ Happy Hour on Wednesday at Liquid Assets. We’d all love to meet everyone!

Richard Adams is an associate with Rosenberg Martin Greenberg LLP in Baltimore.

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