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Q&A with Howard Bank CEO Mary Ann Scully

Howard Bank President and CEO Mary Ann Scully was named an “Enterprising Builder” as part of its 2017 Banker of the Year awards. She was one of five bankers across the country recognized by the newspaper. (file photo)

Howard Bank President and CEO Mary Ann Scully. (file photo)

Technology has changed how people and businesses approach their financial needs and experiences. From mobile banking to mobile payments, people can take care of financial needs from their mobile devices or computers and not have to visit a bank location.

Howard Bank CEO Mary Ann Scully shares how these changes have caused Howard Bank to adjust to the expanding technology customers have available to them.

What opportunities do banks have given the growth of technology and how are banks adjusting their services because of these changes?

Banks have the opportunity to meet the needs of our clients in many different ways.  Our clients want to interact with us when they want, and by leveraging technology we are able to create better client experiences at both our locations, and from their businesses or homes.  Real time transactional interfaces with our online and mobile applications can then be supplemented with customized face to face advice.

What changes has Howard Bank made in recent years to better serve its clients given the growth of technology?

As technology advances, we always want to stay ahead of the curve, and make improvements based on client needs. We introduced our Mobile Banking application with transfer and mobile deposit options, for businesses and consumers. This platform, along with Online Banking, offers Real-Time Account Alerts – actionable alerts sent to any device based on customer preference. Later this summer we’ll be rolling out a suite of mobile payment options: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. We also have an updated website with adaptive structure for different devices, including an online appointment requesting tool. This includes an online mortgage application process for easy access. We also can issue debit cards instantly in all of our branches with chip technology.

How is Howard Bank positioned to serve clients especially following the merger with First Mariner Bank earlier this year?

We have more locations across the Greater Baltimore Market, including new offices in Remington and Columbia Towers. We can serve on a greater scale which will allows us to help our customers grow and continue to serve all of their needs. We are also rolling out more products and services available to all of our clients. Our connections to our neighborhoods are significant to us, which is why we continue to foster good relations with local decision makers and community leaders.

Has Howard Bank adjusted what services it offers for both personal and business clients at its branches because of the changing technology?

Yes – we have implemented technology in many of our branches – we want the customer to have a banking experience that works for them.  We are here for them, at their offices or ours, but also want to provide them the ability to engage with us however they choose.  We are working with technology to make the process in the branch more efficient for our clients, but also offering them the same service they are used to receiving from our banking professionals.

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