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A look back at the MSBA annual meeting

Richard Adams

Richard Adams

Last week, I had the pleasure and opportunity to attend the Maryland State Bar Association’s Legal Summit & Annual Meeting in Ocean City. I had a fabulous time, especially enjoying the incredible networking opportunities. As I’ve said before, networking is all about quality over quantity – just like relationships. In my opinion, nothing
brings out the true personality of a person more than a beachside happy hour, frozen drinks in hand!

I met many new people at the various events and I sent out emails to them upon my return to the office this week. But the most rewarding part of the events was re-connecting with people I already knew. I was also able to connect these people to others I knew that happened to be there – and it was just magical. I felt I successfully nurtured many of my current relationships, and had fun doing it, too!

Unfortunately, I missed the happy hour hosted by The Daily Record and Young Lawyers Section. (I heard only good things, however!) I did get to attend the First Time Attendee event and the Surf’s Up event Wednesday night. Everyone was in high spirits and the hosts worked hard to help break the ice and get new people to talk to each other. The UB Law School Alumni Reception was on point, leading up to the President’s Reception, where the finest foods and drinks seemed to be endless.

At the end of each evening, we would all migrate over to the poolside cabanas at the Clarion hotel, all hosted by different bar associations. My personal favorites were the Baltimore and Baltimore County cabanas – but I might be biased. Each cabana worked hard to provide various drinks and snacks throughout the evenings. I went to bed very late each night – and I don’t regret a second of it!

I also attended some of the seminars that were presented. I found the content to be interesting but not as useful as the networking or other interactions. Hopefully I will get to see more of them next year.

Finally, it was nice to meet the families of many of my friends and colleagues. I think that is one of the best parts of the annual meeting – you can bring your family and they get to enjoy the fun, too. After all, that’s probably why most of us are in the business of practicing law – to support and encourage our families.

I’m already looking forward to attending the annual meeting again next year! I hope many of our readers will also choose to attend. Does anyone have anything they’d like to share about their experience at the annual meeting?

Richard Adams is an associate with Rosenberg Martin Greenberg LLP in Baltimore.