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USM signs partnership agreement with Army Research Lab


USM Chancellor Robert Caret

The University System of Maryland has signed a partnership agreement with the U.S. Army Research Lab that the system hopes increases a talent pipeline toward the agency, which has locations at the Aberdeen Proving Ground and in Prince George’s County.

The system also expects the partnership to increase research output by putting research lab scientists with university faculty.

“As Maryland’s public university system, USM is already a research and education powerhouse,” Robert Caret, the system’s chancellor, said in a statement. “As the Army’s foremost research lab, ARL leads discovery and technological innovation for much of America’s armed forces. Many of our scientists and engineers — as well as USM students — are focused on similar areas of research, including drone technology. The opportunities for collaboration are immense. Working together, we can drive discovery and, ultimately, improve lives and create jobs in Maryland and beyond.”

Under the agreement, system faculty will teach courses to and share material with research lab personnel.

The Army Research Lab already has research partnership agreements with two system universities: the University of Maryland, College Park, and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

The system expects the new partnership to build on things already established in the pre-existing agreements, like joint research projects between the system and research lab scientists. Specific areas of interest include high-performance computing, robotics and artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“We have, from a Cooperative Research Development Agreement point of view, a number of agreements with the different University of Maryland campuses,” Philip Perconti, the lab’s director, said in a statement. “Although we don’t have an agreement with University System of Maryland, this is a perfect time for the partnership and the opportunity. From an efficiency and innovative point of view, there is a lot we can do together.”

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