Make time for some summer self-love

Richard Adams

Richard Adams

As many of you may have noticed, the networking opportunities die down a bit over the summer. The bar associations and other professional groups are all on hiatus, and everyone is on vacation. This week feels like the crowning moment – with half of the Baltimore area (the smart half) off enjoying a nice break. I, unfortunately, am part of the other half – along with many of our readers, I imagine!

I think the summer slow-down is the perfect excuse to practice some self-love. Take some time off, dial back on your own marketing strategies for a bit, and re-connect with friends and family. When you come back to the office, you’ll find yourself re-charged and balanced. Those are two essential qualities to making new connections and following-through on new referrals.

For those who can’t simply sit on the beach and read a romance novel, I suggest creating a to-do list that you can chip away at over the next few months. Go see a concert, start a new exercise and diet regimen (that’s on my list!), take some day trips to places you’ve always wanted to go, etc. Think outside the box and use the time you have to your advantage.

You can do the same thing in the office – get some of those long-term administrative projects out of the way. Re-organize your office, change your décor, discuss with your staff to make some changes that you’ve been meaning to do but can’t seem to get to. This is also practicing self-love – as you’ll find that these positive changes will impact your practice when the fall hits and you’re back to your hyper-networking schedule, on top of working busy office hours.

Do any of our readers have suggestions for practicing some summer self-love? What would be on your to-do lists?

Richard Adams is an associate with Rosenberg Martin Greenberg LLP in Baltimore.

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