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Five Women Who Changed My Life: Olivia Doherty

doherty-oliviamf02Olivia Doherty
Director of Communications
Horizon Foundation

Nikki Highsmith Vernick, President and CEO, Horizon Foundation
As the head of Maryland’s largest independent health philanthropy, Nikki is a visionary leader with a bold, get-stuff-done approach to advancing social change and improving health in Howard County. From my previous position as a Foundation consultant to my current position as director of communications, I have had the privilege to work with Nikki on many creative, forward-thinking projects with impact, including Mental Health Film Festivals and a social innovation pitch competition, the Changemaker Challenge.

Angie Cannon, Partner, The Hatcher Group
As a young journalist looking for my next career move, I was fortunate to meet Angie and join The Hatcher Group, a cause-driven communications and public affairs firm. Angie’s experience as a veteran journalist and dedication to helping organizations achieve their goals led me to my own career calling in nonprofit communications. By leading a variety of projects ranging from White House events to report releases earning national media attention, I had many unique learning and growth opportunities that continue to shape my work today.

Tanika Davis, External Communications Manager, Constellation
As a colleague and friend for a decade, Tanika never ceases to serve as a model of a hard-working, dedicated, sincere and straight-shooting communications professional and mother. These aspects come through in her Baltimore Sun parenting column as well as her day-to-day advice and guidance that she shares generously. From presenting on implicit bias before her coworkers and supervisors to publishing columns about her worries as a mother, Tanika is unafraid to tackle hard topics and conversations with sensitivity and grace. I admire her for this and strive to do the same.

Sue Chung, Mother
My mother immigrated from the South Korean countryside to the United States at 10 years old. Despite starting her life here with no familiarity with the English language or American culture, she made it through school, went on to study architecture at the University of Maryland, married, had two children and stayed home to raise us in the spirit of the American Dream. Because of her personal dedication to being a mother and now a grandmother, I have reaped the many benefits of her ever-present support.

Eliana Doherty, Daughter
Though she is only 14 years old, my daughter Eliana has had the most significant effect on changing my life. From the moment she was born, her presence has led me to crystallize my life and career goals, strive for success and enjoy all the delicious food that the world has to offer. She is a shining star in her own right, excelling at school and maintaining a healthy outlook on the future, while having fun and keeping good friends. I’m honored to be her mother.

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