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Susan Katz

Susan Katz

Susan Katz
Susan Katz Advantage

For Susan Katz, things are about recycling and reusing things. The Coach wallet in her purse is 12 to 15 years old or “older than dirt,” as Katz puts it.

“I recycle as much as I can,” she said. “I hate to keep buying new stuff. Buy things that you really love and use them.”

For Katz, who is a business coach and works out of her home, her Ann Taylor purse, which is also several years old, has to serve the purpose of carrying her business needs, too. It sometimes has her Apple laptop so she can take notes and often has her headphones for making phone calls from her car.

“To me it’s all about buy quality and then keep it for a long time,” Katz said. “I don’t want to overconsume. I’ve gotten more like that as I’ve gotten older.”

With the focus of her company on helping businesses grow, her purse reflects that. She carries postcards promoting a business retreat she holds in Aruba each year, something she started in 2010. She has around 10 clients come each year.

“There’s nothing like getting away for a week and overlooking the ocean while you’re meeting in a group and spending time focused on your business,” Katz said. “People love it.”

After a 30-year career in higher-education publishing, she got into executive coaching because she loves helping people and businesses grow. She said she enjoys transforming people’s lives through their work and helping businesses owners grow their business. She’s been doing that for the past decade.

Katz also sells and promotes essential oils, some of which she carries in her purse. She said it’s another great way to help people start and grow businesses. She’s also big on helping people live healthier lifestyles, which also ties into the oils.

katz-susanmf03finalThe Purse

  1. Water bottle: “I didn’t buy it because of the brand, I bought it because it doesn’t leak water. And I can put my essential oils in there.”
  2. Coach wallet: “It’s older than dirt. It’s got to be at least 12 to 15 years old. They last forever.”
  3. Apple laptop, where she takes her notes.
  4. Ravens notebook: The NFL team is one of her clients so she carries a notebook with the team’s logo on the cover.
  5. iPhone.
  6. Business card case.
  7. Aruba business retreat promotional postcards.
  8. Earphones: “My car is my office because I travel in the car a lot.”
  9. Car keys and store club cards.
  10. Several essential oils. Orange goes in her water. She even has some sample bottles in case she runs into someone who wants some.
  11. Lipstick carrier and other cosmetic items. “I’m not a big makeup person.” She tends to blend her lipstick using a Younique and Christian Dior combination.
  12. Ravens lanyard to get into the team facilities.
  13. A purse hanger so she can keep her purse off the floor.
  14. Some lens wipes and other smaller hygiene items.
  15. Retractable hairbrush.
  16. Pen.

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