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Have fun at the office


Every job has its challenges and every day presents its own set of struggles. One of the ways I am able to cope is because we have a great team at my office. My co-workers make the struggle manageable — absolutely in the ways you think, but also by just having fun.

First, before the fun, a shoutout to each and every person in the office who helped us get through trial in June. Every person in the office pitched in. People who had no dealings with this case before were working late helping us put together exhibit binders, sorting through documents, and, my favorite sign of true devotion, rolling the bookcase cart down Lombard Street in Baltimore to the federal courthouse. (There is photographic evidence if you don’t believe me.) There is no way we could have gotten through trial without this team. I am forever grateful for this group’s efforts and we definitely owe them lunch!

And this is not an isolated incident. On a daily basis, this team pitches in to help each other get through the tough work. I could give countless examples, but the point is, with all the hard work being done, a little fun is required. We must laugh and enjoy in the midst of being busy.

A prime example:

Josh stops by my office.

“Coke or Pepsi?”

Me: “Coke, obviously.”

Josh: “Coke is in the lead 6-5.”

Me: “Interesting. You should ask Hal. I bet he says Coke.”

An hour goes by and I return from the other side of the office to Hal telling Josh that Coke is obviously his favorite as well.

Josh: “We’re having a blind tasting next week.”

Me: “What about orange soda. That’s really the best of all the sodas. We should add that to the blind tasting.”

Josh (laughing): “I just don’t know how to describe my job to my family.”

This is the kind of fun stuff that makes my office the best. Quick, hysterical conversations about mundane things that lead to fun office lunches. I don’t know how other people get through the day in silent, closed door offices. Our bizarre conversations make the long hours much more tolerable.

A sampling of my favorite office shenanigans through the years, which I recommend for any office:

  • A month-long birthday celebration for two people turning 30 10 days apart, including two lunches and an ice cream social.
  • Naming your three favorite things of a particular topic, such as your favorite condiments or your favorite ’90s pop song. (Always a heated debate in the office.)
  • Cookie bake-off and/or decorating
  • Chilli cook-off
  • Numerous trophy presentations, from fantasy football champions to chili cook-off winners
  • “Game of Thrones” pool
  • Orioles games
  • Super Bowl luncheon

Some of these things are firm-sponsored, while some of these are just co-workers making the office more fun when dealing with some heavy work.

These guys and girls make my work life way better. Thanks to all of them for all that they do. I strongly encourage other offices lighten things up a little to bring a some balance to the office.

Angela Davis Pallozzi is counsel at Offit Kurman P.A. in Baltimore.