Training to help others

Sarah David

Sarah David

Running is a common hobby among young lawyers. I remember training for the Baltimore Marathon while I studied for the bar exam as a way to relieve stress and work on endurance running. Through my conversations with many lawyers, I have noticed that a lot of us use running as a way to focus and to clear our minds.
While running can be tough in the summer months, with vacations and severe heat (or in this summer’s case, significant rain), charity races are a great way to contribute to your community and show support for causes important to you — even while you’re on vacation.
On my family’s beach vacation, my sister and I signed up for a race in downtown Bethany Beach for Alzheimer’s research. We have been vacationing on the Delaware shore for more than 30 years but have never participated in an organized run there. It was so nice to see other vacationers as well as members of the community gathering for such a wonderful cause. The organizers spoke of the significant retirement community in the area and how important Alzheimer’s research is to help so many members of their immediate community. It was a great way to give back and take some time out of our beach schedule to recognize that while we might come to Bethany Beach just for vacation, we can do our part to be a member of the greater community.
There are several runs around Ocean City, Bethany Beach, Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach during the busy summer months. There are several more as we transition to the racing season in the fall. For those of you staying in the Baltimore area, reach out to your colleagues to see if there are any issues or causes that are important to them where you can tie up your sneakers and show your support. It is a great way to re-focus, relieve stress and help to show your colleagues that you can support them both in and out of the workplace.
Whether you have the opportunity to go away for the summer or stay close to home in our Maryland and Delaware beaches, check to see if there is a race supporting a local cause in your area. Take the opportunity to train and give back to the community– even if you are just there for a short time.

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