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Activists educate renters on new Baltimore regulations

Activist group Communities United shared information with residents on Thursday about a change to Baltimore law regulating rental properties in the city.

Organizers approached residents downtown entering the District Court of Maryland to hand out fliers explaining what the new law entails and to encourage renters to contact their landlord about scheduling a newly required inspection.

The new law went into effect on Aug. 1. It requires one- or two-family rental units to be registered, assessed by a state-qualified home inspector and licensed by Jan 1.

Tre Murphy, a community organizer with Communities United, said that half the rental units in the city previously were unregulated. Many of those properties, he said, were collecting rents from residents while providing substandard living conditions.

“So it creates a standard across the board where if you make money in Baltimore off the backs of renters … you have to make sure your property is safe and livable and that meets a certain standard,” Murphy said.

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