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Court of Appeals OKs temporary work extension for out-of-state attorneys

The Court of Appeals approved a measure on Thursday to amend a rule that allows out-of-state attorneys to work as paid, legal service providers in Maryland for two years to extend their tenure.

In anticipation of Maryland adopting the Uniform Bar Exam next year, a handful of attorneys who are licensed in other UBE states and offer legal services to low-income Marylanders needed to know whether they would have to take the state’s bar exam in February, prompting the need for an emergency measure.

“As Maryland considers moving to the UBE, the ability to seek an extension will allow a handful of attorneys who recently joined our office, as well as those working for civil legal service providers, to fully focus on zealously representing our clients,” said Paul DeWolfe, Public Defender for Maryland.

The measure, which goes into effect Sept. 1 and sunsets Dec. 31, impacts a handful of attorneys whose certificates issued by the Court of Appeals were set to expire next year.

Before the change, under Rule 19-215, those attorneys would have to take the February bar exam and be licensed in Maryland to remain paid employees for legal services organizations in the state.


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