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SmartAsset names Howard County Maryland’s best value

Howard County provides the best value in Maryland in terms of purchasing power, according a recent study by SmartAsset.

The financial technology company ranked Maryland’s counties and Baltimore by comparing median income to the cost of living.

Howard County tops the list with a median income of $113,800, and an annual cost of living of $63,414. Somerset County is at the bottom of the rankings with a median income of $35,886 and a cost of living placed at $35,885.

The index tilts toward Maryland’s exurban counties. But both Baltimore and Montgomery County made the top 10.

You can find SmartAsset’s full rankings and interactive map here.

Below is a chart showing the study’s findings, which used data from the U. S. Census Bureau, MIT Living Wage Study, and Bureau of Labor Statistics.
SmartAsset Maryland Rankings

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