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Ashleigh DeFries Gallagher

Legislative Director, Maryland General Assembly; Johns Hopkins; Founder, Healthy Living with Ash

gallagher-ashleigh-defriesmf04Ashleigh DeFries Gallagher’s resume is not a short one.

Among other jobs, she’s been a rape counselor at a crisis center in Tampa, Florida, a research assistant at the Columbia University School of Public Health, in New York City, and Senior Education and Outreach Coordinator and Director of Social Media at the Johns Hopkins Center to Reduce Cancer Disparities, in Baltimore.

These days, Gallagher, 33, works as legislative director for state Sen. Bill Ferguson, a Baltimore Democrat, and as a dispenser of health tips and environmental friendly advice on the online platform she founded in 2017, “Living with Ash.”

“Every day I gather information and resources in order to educate and create positive change in my city,” Gallagher said. “My achievements are currently making positive changes at the individual, community and global level. … Through the platform, I am able to encourage 25,000 people to adopt a healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle.”

Gallagher credits her success to “hard work and believing in myself.” But what also drives her, she said, is an interest in helping others and improving Baltimore.

“I think that helps guide me in the right direction because of how much I care, and because my motives are coming from the right place,” she said. “I stand out because of the positive impact I am trying to make, as well as the breadth and gravity of what I am currently working on.”

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