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Channa Williams

Capital Budget Manager
City of Baltimore

williams-channamf5As a successful financial executive with more than 16 years of experience in corporate and government sector budget, finance and management, Channa Williams’ most significant professional accomplishment was planning, organizing and directing the development and management of the Baltimore City Department of Public Works $1.3 billion budget, which was adopted by the Baltimore City Council.

Outside of work, Williams volunteers to improve the lives of underserved youth. She is chairman of the board of AIRS/Empire Homes and serves on the board of The Nolita Project. She has volunteered in many other capacities, most recently for the Washington’s 18th Annual Homeless Drive, as fiscal lead for the United Way and as AIRS/EHM Basketball Tournament campaign leader.

“She is zealous in her work with the nonprofit AIRS/Empire Homes,” said Derek Mitchel, senior vice president at Grant Capital Management. “She is an active board member and is constantly encouraging involvement and engagement from our cohort and others.”

Williams said she values humility and tries to focus on who she wants to be, rather than what she wants to be. She said her professional ethic is “When it is in your hands, make it better.”

“To know Channa Williams is to not only recognize her professional talents but to cherish her,” said Tiffany Royster, senior vice president at The Harbor Bank of Maryland Development Corporation. Royster and Williams are both part of the Greater Baltimore Committee LEADERship program. “Her humanity drives you to want to seek her out and tackle some of Baltimore biggest challenges.”

Williams was a 2017 Black Business Review Finance Professional of the Year and a 2015 recipient of the Estate Planner Review Award.

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