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Deandra Coleman

Deandra Coleman Interiors

coleman-deandramf2Deandra Coleman said she appreciates that her work in interior design and home staging has been showcased in the region and recognized by her peers, but she has a different way of measuring her success.

“The true test of achievement has come in being sought by people wanting my mentoring and leadership in helping them break into the field,” Coleman said. “My most significant professional accomplishment has been watching the success of a new career that I’ve helped develop and shape.”

As the founder of Youth Embracing Success (Yes!) program, Coleman partners with the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington, D.C., where she mentors middle and high school girls.

“My personal mission is to lead a life that girls can model and aspire to,” Coleman said. “Using the setbacks that have happened in my life as teaching tools, I encourage the girls to embrace their ambition, find what inspires them and to be each other’s cheerleaders.”

Coleman earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park, a marketing certification at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, and a Master of Business Administration degree from BAU International University.

“Though by trade I design and style spaces, what I do for a living encompasses designing lives, shaping futures, and leading others to be their best,” she said. “The heart of my work is very personal, and that allows me to stand out from my peers and care more about the outcome of others than just the pieces that I put into their home or place of employment.”

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