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Dr. Josh Funk

Founder and CEO
Rehab 2 Perform

funk-joshmf02During his sophomore year playing Division I lacrosse at Ohio State University, Josh Funk tore his labrum but was able to avoid surgery thanks to physical therapy.

A lifelong athlete, Funk knew he wanted to pursue the field of health care, but the injury made him realize a career in physical therapy was a natural fit. He earned his clinical doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in 2011.

While looking at physical therapy practices, Funk noticed many model their rehabilitation programs through pain management, not optimal function, so he decided to start his own company, Rehab 2 Perform, in Frederick in 2014. Dedicated to reducing the risk of re-injury and getting patients to their optimal performance level, its model focuses on a hybrid between traditional physical therapy and personal training.

A second location in Germantown opened up nearly a year ago. The practice offers an internship program for high school, college and third-year doctor of physical therapy students. Funk also participated in more than 40 career days in area schools last school year.

“I have a passion for providing opportunities for young people to either learn the intangibles of what it is like to be successful or to learn a little bit more about a specific career,” he said.

Funk enjoys being able to share health and wellness with others.

“I usually, ideally, use health and wellness as a vehicle for upgrading people’s lives,” he said. “Physical activity can be competitive for some. It could be social for others. It could be a sense of fulfillment and I think overall the more that we do to help keep people healthy or return them to health the more that we are enriching their lives.”

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